Friday, March 28, 2008


The view from your knees

Mistress Taylor sexy bare ass
Yes I make you get on your knees and worship me, that's one of my favorite things about domination phone sex calls, Ass worship phone sex, but you have to admit, the view is worth the pain.

If you're a good pet, I'll let you lick that tight supple skin. Slide your mouth down the delicate lace of my panties .

Bow at the alter and anoint me with your tongue.

Mmmm You're going to need a lot of practice. (smile)

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Thursday, March 06, 2008


For Slave Steve and Slave Duane

Mistress TaylorHere is the picture I promised of the Valentines you sent me.

Thank you both!

I do love being spoiled by my tease and denial phone sex pets! (smile)

The ruby heart is so delicate and such a pretty deep red color, and you know the little horns and tail says I'm a little devil and you love your material girl that way.

The 5 diamond drop pendant sparkles when I move. I think I might get a little longer chain so the diamonds nestle right in that sweet spot between my breasts. The same sweet spot where you want to linger yourself. Get well soon, while I'm still pleased and might let you cum.

If this entry gives any other submissive men ideas of spoiling this diva, well that was the point of blogging and not just sending a private email.

You can find my Wishlist on the left panel. ;-)

Or just give me a call and you too can become one of my little domination phone sex pets.

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