Friday, July 24, 2009


strapon phone sex

Cum Diva

Does Mistress tie a ribbon around your cock and lead you like a pet on a leash? You must follow your slave mistress as I show you off to my friends, naked, helpless, in a position of total submission.

Do they giggle? Yes

Do they spread their legs as I push you to your knees? Mmmm Yes

But what do they want most of all?

What do you secretly want most of all?

Mistress's strap on.

Then you're truly helpless, humiliation and erotic desire surging through you.

Call for your adult chat strapon mistress.

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Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Phone Sex Bitch

It's always there, you know. Under the pretty surface, just waiting for you to do something stupid.

I know some of you like to test me. Like to see just how far you can go with your phonesex mistress, and live that is. ;-)

Careful now. Don't push this little diva too far or I'll just take your balls and go home. LOL

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