Thursday, October 16, 2008


Halloween Phone Sex Special

Mistress Taylor sexy witch
Halloween has to be my favorite Holiday.

Mistress loves candy and looks sexy in black. :-)

Oh, and the wicked, evil thing is definitely a plus!

So this little phone sex witch has decided to run a free phone sex special so my little pets can have fun too!

For the rest of October, you may receive a 20 minute call for the price of a 15 minute call. Five whole free minutes. I suggest you count them on your left hand as your right will be busy.

Now don't get used to me treating you nice. I'm not always in such a good mood.

So take out your credit card, pick up the phone and call your favorite ghoul.

Mistress doesn't like to wait!

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Taylor Maid Sissy Slut

I do love getting pictures of my cross-dressing, sissy slut phone sex pets!

But I love sharing their crossdresser pics even more!

Your stockings have a run, Dear.

Whoa! Now we know why they called that hair remover Nads.
Tsk tsk, you're almost as pretty as me. giggle
Now it's time for you to find a good place to go out and polish a few knobs. ;-)
Oh, and I want pictures of that too. They're so good for blackmail phone sex.

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Monday, October 06, 2008


Orgasm Denial Phone Sex

Mistress Taylor pinching nipples
Q Will this phone sex mistress give you tease and denial phone sex?
A If you say pretty please.
Q Will I deny myself pleasure while I listen to you whimper and beg to cum?

A Absolutely not!
Giggle, and that will likely be my answer to your begging also.

Those of you who know me understand that denying you pleasure is the very things that excites me.
Knowing I can cum as many times as I wish while all you can do is desperately listen to my cock tease phone sex.
Knowing I'll be on your mind all day, week, perhaps month(s). Mmmmmm It's up to me how long you'll be in male chastity.

And the longer you go without sex, listening to this phone sex tease cum, the more you'll become mine.
Every part of you will belong to your very satisfied mistress.

Don't knock til you try it. You may just become addicted to living in not so quiet desperation. ;-)

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