Thursday, July 31, 2008


Cuckold Desires Cuckold Phone Sex

Mistress Taylor cuckold goddess
You like to watch, don't you, Pet?
Watch mistress getting fucked hard by the bull
while all I'll let you do is stroke........If you're lucky!

Mistress Taylor cuckold goddessI've found a way to bring my tease and denial phone sex pets something new to look at. (smile)
Cuckold Desires is a hot new fetish phone sex site (and a site it is!) where watching is the name of the game. Mmmm and possibly you serving US.

Hot and horny wives and mistresses giving all they've got, steamy and hardcore, just not to you. (pout)

Chin up my pets. We'll still need our creampies licked clean. (smile)

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Sunday, July 27, 2008


Domination Phone Sex

And I do love my sweet little domme phone sex pets!

Locked up where you can get to no mischief.

I can take you out and play with you when I want, but then right back in your place.

It's for your own good you know. (mocking pout)

And of course my amusement. (wicked smile)

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