Sunday, July 27, 2008


Domination Phone Sex

And I do love my sweet little domme phone sex pets!

Locked up where you can get to no mischief.

I can take you out and play with you when I want, but then right back in your place.

It's for your own good you know. (mocking pout)

And of course my amusement. (wicked smile)

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I love the lock up but please mistress will you let me out to play once in a while.
Play with what, slave? ;-)
Oh that!

You can't play with that.

THAT belongs to me now. (sweet smile)
Ohhhh I had no idea that this would be so difficult.All I do is think of you now mistress.I wish we had agreed on a time for me to be released.
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I've intended to let you out several times, but that look on your face, the total frustration. It's so HOT!

That would all go away. (pout)

I'm afraid I'm going to have to keep you...........LOCKED! (wicked smile)
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