Monday, January 19, 2009


Sissy Whores

Mistress Taylor taking off panties Are you a little sissy slut?

Do you love nothing more than slipping on those sensual stockings, maybe a pair of silky panties, and calling your mistress to stroke off?

Mmmmm I'd love to dress you in a tiny little skirt, so short all the men will be able to see how hard your dick gets when they pinch your ass.

They know you're a horny little slut, and I've told them you'll suck them off for $20. Slut!

Pull down those panties, put lots of red lipstick on. Now you're ready. smile

$2.50 per minute (10 minute minimum)
20 min/$40
Major credit cards accepted

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Thursday, January 15, 2009


Stocking Fetish Phone Sex

The feel of your tongue against the nylon of the hosiery. The faint scent of the curvacious perfumed leg encased in her favorite stockings.

The silky feel of her creamy thigh as you slide your hand underneath the lace top. Carressing.

Her intake of breath as you suck her silk covered toes, then tracing your tongue up the seam to her perfect peach ass.

Feeling her stockinged legs curl up your sides and your tongue traces that perfect starfish.

Mmmm, if you don't have a stocking fetish now, I promise Mistress can give you one.

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Friday, January 09, 2009


Forced Bi Phone Sex

Mmmm taking a moment to savor our forced bi phone sex call.
On your knees, sucking that big black cock. Forcing your head down, making you gag on his penis for me.
You know you want it, you little faggot! Let me hear you slurp!
I relish in your humiliation!
Your eyes getting wide as you feel that hot, wet dick against your little virgin asshole. Mmmm not for long. smile
Plead with your eyes ~ yesss, Mistress is a Bitch
You're MY little whore now!

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