Thursday, November 02, 2006


The Admirer - A Story of Domination

Mistress Taylor fondled breast
This story was written by a fan and emailed to me! How wonderful! I've never had a fan write a story starring ME before. Here is a sample:

"She is way out of your league…unless you own an airline or something and I highly doubt that… Look, I’m sure she gave you one hell of an erection, just take that and be happy… Otherwise, she will hurt you in ways you’ve never even imagined… Trust me…”

Click here to read the whole tale complete with new, full-sized, really x-rated photos of me.

You'll have the rare opportunity of seeing me in true hardcore pictures. Somehow, his story just seemed to cry out for them. Enjoy both, compliments of me and V.R.!


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Thank you for sharing with us the story written by one of your many slaves. Thank you also for allowing us yet another look at your beautiful body. Sharing your pictures has made me understand why I a constently think of your power, your class and why I strive so hard to please you. My being is totally dictated by what will make you happy. Thank you for allowing me to be trained by you.

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