Saturday, April 19, 2008


My idea of a good time

Mistress Taylor topless
My idea of a good time?

It's giving you a hard time, of course.

Well, as hard as you can get in a devious male chastity device. (evil smile)

Look what this wicked mistress ran across surfing the web.

I just LOVE this idea! What a delicious device or a cock tease! Having my cake and fucking it too. (smile)

ADDENDUM: I know you came after reading this post. You obviously can't be trusted left to your own devices. We'll just have to use mine. ;-)

I specialize in Domme phone sex and Tease and Denial phone sex.

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I think having my mistress happy is worth more then my pleasure...Slave Duane
Oh, how sweet!

And so easy to say after you've just come. LOL

Let's see if you keep that attitude later. (wicked grin)
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