Friday, August 29, 2008


Labor Day for a Phone Sex Mistress

Glitter Words

Mistress Taylor black stockings
Labor Day for a phone sex Mistress does not mean you get to kick back and enjoy a long weekend. It means it's time to labor for your Mistress.

That's right, I'm putting you to work. You have the day off and you have no excuses so get off that cute little slave butt of yours and call me.

There's an opening available for a tongue slave. (Experience required)

A position for a strap on sissy. (Specific dress code)

Hard work for a cuckold slave. (Must work well with others)

Orgasm denial slaves. (Take a number and wait ~ 877-286-3482)

Personal Shoppers are always needed. (Wish List)

If you think you have what it takes to be an enthusiastic slave to a demanding phone sex mistress contact me at 877-CUM-DIVA.

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can i leave a comment dear? i know how much you love your blog, so i haven't talked to you lately, so i figured i would drop you a line.
Yes Sam, you can leave a comment. ;-)

I hope you're well. (kiss)

PS. I'm not the only one who loves my blog. ;-)
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